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Get an AI-powered Chatbot for Businesses

In today's tech-driven world, every business needs automation tools to succeed. While having human resources is still indispensable, you can automate operational tasks and provide support to customers even when your team isn't there. 

With Happyml, you can create an AI chatbot for your business. Our chatbots for businesses can be auto-trained on your information and make customer interactions seamless. You can answer common queries with automated responses and scale your customer support capabilities without incurring additional costs. 

Our AI chatbot can also be customized to qualify, nurture, and convert leads. Plus, you can embed Happyml across your digital platforms like website, web application, email, messenger, or WhatsApp.


How to Create Your Happyml Account?

Once you identify the use for our chatbots for businesses, you can create your account in a few simple steps:

·        Create your account at

·        Complete verification and log in to your account

·        Click 'New Bot' on the top left corner

·        Assign function

·        Add organization's name

·        Click the 'Add Bot' button

·        Click the 'Sources' tab to add knowledge bases

·        Customize prompt, appearance, and tone in the 'Settings' tab

·        Click on 'Deploy' to add a chatbot to a platform

·        You can select no-code or code API calls for your chatbot on the 'Actions' tab. 

Streamline Business Operations Today

Streamline your operational tasks today to boost business efficiency and productivity. Schedule a free trial with our custom chatbots for businesses and enjoy higher profitability and customer satisfaction.


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