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Get the Best Results Guaranteed with Dental Crowns Scarborough

Dental crowns reinforce the structural integrity of damaged or decayed teeth. Patients with such oral problems may face extreme sensitivity or pain in their teeth - not to mention losing confidence in smiling and talking. 


Our dental crowns Scarborough support your damaged teeth while retaining the natural structure of your teeth as much as possible. Our experienced dentists can prevent tooth extraction by placing a dental crown to protect your teeth. After a root canal where the decay or infection is treated, a porcelain crown reinforces the tooth structure while offering a polished appearance. Our dental crowns in Scarborough are ideal solutions for patients who want to improve their oral aesthetics as well as function. 


Benefits of Dental Crowns

Our dental crowns in Scarborough offer the dual benefits of restoring your tooth integrity while enhancing the beauty of your smile. Some other benefits of dental crowns include:


·        Improved strength, durability, and structure of decayed or damaged tooth

·        Protection from further decay and damage 

·        Natural looking results

·        Improved dental aesthetics 

·        Restored tooth shape 


Contact Us

If your teeth are damaged by accident or decayed due to an infection, get in touch with Dentistry at Consilium. We'll provide you with more information to ascertain if dental crowns in Scarborough are the right course of treatment for you. 


Call 416-296-1080 to set up a consultation today. 


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