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Include all Business Content with a Custom Chatbot

Happyml lets you create your custom chatbot to manage and propagate all your business content. Whether you need auto-response solutions on your website, web application, email, SMS, or WhatsApp - get accurate and trustworthy responses from your business content without any lag. And all of this on a fully secure business-grade platform. 

Happyml works by feeding on your website content, knowledge bases, and other sources to respond to customer or employee queries. From hospitality to SaaS, find the best custom chatbot to manage all inquiries and communications with complete human control and privacy.  

Custom Chatbot Powering Your Business Content

·        No Coding Required

No Coding or IT support is required. Seamlessly integrate all your business content to manage customer communications.

·        Powered by AI

Get relevant responses based on your content and data with precision using industry-leading AI algorithms. 

·        Deploy Anywhere

Deploy Happyml on your website, live chats, or integrate them with workflows via API. You can even scale with our usage-based pricing models. 

Get a personalized custom chatbot that's unique to your business. Happyml can improve your customer experience and employee efficiency by handling all responses. Start a free trial today.  


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