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Maximizing Your Book's Publicity Pays Off

When it comes to book marketing services, few are as helpful as publicity. If you're a skeptical self-published and want proof, you only need to look as far as the world's largest publishing companies. They fund publicity departments capable of propelling their books and authors into the news, which is nearly all online today – although TV and legacy newspaper brands (now primarily online) still matter mightily. One of the reasons established media matter is their visibility online. People still consume their content and are favorably impressed by it. When you're interviewed or quoted in an article, your stature increases.

In today's online-driven world, one of the biggest reasons to seek publicity and hold in-person events is for their value on your online platform – website, blog, social media. Everything you do online is content-driven, and having things to post is essential. Some of the most influential posts are links to media coverage, event photographs, or videos about you and your book. They build your stature and spark interest in your book. Many authors use their book PR campaigns to support larger goals like finding new clients for their businesses. PR campaigns anchored by books have higher chances of success.

Another effective way to maximize your book publicity is to use it to get more. Many times, PR campaigns work incrementally. So, you begin with local and trade media coverage and then branch out to larger general media at the regional and national levels. For T interviewers, producers want to see how you do on camera. If you can show clips from local or smaller market interviewers, your publicist can pitch you to larger media more efficiently. Show producers will watch videos of your earlier interview successes and more easily be persuaded to book you as a guest on their shows with large audiences.

The best PR campaigns begin with a plan, and being organized always helps. Part of planning is deciding which media to approach, both online and traditional, and your key messages. Tailoring pitches to the people receiving them vastly improves the chances of success. You can zero in on their interests and explain why your book is newsworthy and relevant. You'll improve your chances of getting a response and coverage when you do. It's also wise to look at media relationships as longer-term. There's every reason to believe you'll be called again when something related to your topic makes the news again.


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