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Buy Thermal Paper Rolls at Unbeatable Quality & Price

Thermal paper rolls are high-quality print papers that have replaced traditional inkjet printers and bond papers. Printing labels and receipts on thermal papers saves time and maintenance costs while improving the overall quality of your prints. At Master Distributors, we have a wide range of thermal paper rolls in different sizes to take care of all your customer servicing needs.  

Thermal paper rolls are commonly used in retail, healthcare, and hospitality. These papers consist of a chemical coating that changes color when exposed to the heat from a thermal printer. This chemical reaction causes high-definition prints on the paper.  

Browse through our website if you're looking for the best thermal paper rolls in Canada. We're the top wholesalers and distributors of POS solutions at affordable prices.  

Why Choose Thermal Printing Over Traditional Printing?

There are several benefits of choosing thermal papers over traditional inkjet papers. Here are some:

·        Better Quality

A retail store prints hundreds, if not thousands of receipts, tickets, and labels. Thermal paper rolls create better quality prints free from smears and smudges. 

·        Faster Printing 

Thermal printers print images in a matter of milliseconds - allowing you to serve your customers faster and elevate their shopping experience. 

·        Less Maintenance Costs

Thermal printing doesn't require ink or ribbons to print. Moreover, there are no moving parts inside a thermal printer - making them less prone to breakdowns and costly repairs.  

Order High-quality Thermal Paper Rolls from Master Distributors Today 

Contact us today if you're looking for thermal paper rolls at competitive prices. Call 1-888-905-7008 or send us an email at to learn more about our products. 





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